Seaborg Technologies is a start-up on the forefront of advanced and innovative nuclear reactor technology working to provide abundant, affordable, and sustainable energy to the world. We have grown to become the leading molten salt reactor start-up outside of North America with an international team of 20 employees from four continents. We are actively developing the design for our Compact Molten Salt Reactor, alongside licensing and experimental validation activities of key safety and performance claims, and are currently planning a multi-million salt lab to accelerate these efforts. We are engaged with multiple stakeholders in the growing advanced reactor supply chain, primarily in East Asia.


Our success is entirely due to our brilliant and passionate team of employees and experienced advisers - a team we are currently in the process of expanding with more world-class talent determined to create positive change in the world.


We are hiring a laboratory manager to plan, procure equipment for, set up and run a state-of-the-art molten salt laboratory. The successful candidate will hold a senior position in our chemistry group, and will be supervising and performing experimental investigations of chemistry and materials properties in molten salts at high temperatures. Key words include laboratory planning and design, costing and scheduling, project management, procurement, safety management, supply chain management, radiation protection supervision, radioisotope tracking and inventory, quality assurance, equipment maintenance, and apparatus design. As a member of the reactor research and development team, the position will include collaboration with the reactor physics and engineering groups in Seaborg to ensure due consideration of important physical phenomena and safety considerations across all relevant disciplines. Some international travelling should be expected.


Seaborg employees must be able to act proactively and independently to perform a wide variety of functions that do not always correlate with experience or expertise (such as writing job advertisements). That being said, the advertised position is expected to include at least some of the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Plan, design and establish a state-of-the-art molten salt laboratory;

  • Budget costs of equipment, maintenance, running costs, consumables, etc.;

  • Procure, install, and commission laboratory equipment;

  • Manage and maintain apparatus;

  • Develop, implement, and enforce laboratory requirements and guidelines for quality assurance and occupational health and safety, in accordance with regional and company standards;

  • Aid the planning and execution of experimental campaigns to establish and validate chemical and materials properties in high-temperature molten salts;

  • Analyse and report findings to steer design activities;

  • Support the development of robust instrumentation and control systems for monitoring and controlling the chemistry, temperature and flow of molten salts, as well as for safeguards purposes;

  • Support IP development and acquisition activities;

  • Pursue compliance with regulatory requirements, including working to establish suitable standards and codes for the classification of salt-bearing systems, structures and components;

  • Design and develop methods to produce and purify salts;

  • Design and develop methods to perform and validate a wide range of measurements in molten salts, incl. of thermophysical properties, speciation, solubility, corrosion, heat transfer, turbulence, structural material properties, and more.


  • Desire to positively change the world by shaping the energy landscape of tomorrow;

  • Demonstrated ability to diligently approach and solve challenging tasks within time and budgetary constraints;

  • BSc or higher in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, or similar;

  • Considerable experience with setting up and/or managing a chemical laboratory;

  • Prior experience with planning, scheduling, costing and procuring scientific equipment and effectively setting up and managing appropriate supply chains;

  • Demonstrated practical skills for developing and installing scientific equipment;

  • Experience developing and/or working under effective quality assurance and operational health and safety systems in a chemical laboratory environment;

  • Experience working with molten salts, or other high-temperature and/or corrosive fluids preferred;

  • Experience from nuclear industry preferred;

  • Team player with effective communication and interpersonal skills, including fluency in English;

  • Ability to travel by plane and communicate outside of normal working hours when necessary.


At Seaborg we strongly value the combination of relevant experience, talent and personality traits that align with our team and overarching vision for a sustainable future. We therefore encourage applications from diverse backgrounds and are prepared to mould the job description to accommodate well-aligned candidates.


While our team is still small, our ambitions are not. Becoming a part of Seaborg presents a unique possibility to importantly impact and define the global energy landscape of tomorrow. We know that new ideas and influences are key to challenge the status quo and strive for continuous improvement, and so new hires can expect to importantly contribute to shaping both the technology and the future of the company.

We want to play an active role in enabling the personal and professional development of all employees so that they can evolve and grow to take on changing tasks and responsibilities. To give room for this development, we practice high work flexibility in an informal, merit-based environment without strict hierarchies. With time, we expect every employee to become an invaluable part of Seaborg and our success, and we underpin this expectation by offering all new employees stock options in the company.


We are based in Denmark, a country known for its high quality of life and extensive social welfare system. That means free health care and education, generous vacation arrangements, progressive maternity and paternity leave provisions, etc. More on this at:


Our office is situated centrally in Copenhagen - a young and vibrant European capital on the Øresund coast with a thriving expat community and world-leading bicycle infrastructure.



Please note that we no longer accept applications for this position.

However, if you think you would be an outstanding candidate for a similar position in the future, feel free to let us know by sending an email to

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